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About Us

Faculty Bargaining Services (FBS) was formed in 2004 as a service within the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO) to support Canadian universities in academic labour relations. The objective was to encourage members of its community, large or small, unionized or not, to share information and collectively enhance their knowledge and expertise related to employment and working conditions of faculty, librarians, faculty paid by the course, teaching and research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, research professionals, etc.


Excellence in academic labour relations helps ensure the success of Canadian universities.


Promote excellence in academic labour relations in Canadian universities


FBS Strives to:

  • Reflect the values of EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS that underpin members’ efforts on behalf of their institutions;
  • Act with INTEGRITY and demonstrate ACCOUNTABILITY in our interactions, our decision-making, and our service to the higher education system.
  • Embody a genuine sense of SERVICE to our members and to the higher education community at large;
  • Foster COLLABORATION among institutions and individual members;
  • Demonstrate our abiding belief that LEARNING is essential to success.
  • Create a WELCOMING and INCLUSIVE community that is REPRESENTATIVE of our diverse membership base;
  • Consider SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, and ENVIRONMENTAL impacts within our operations, programs, and offerings.

FBS offers its participants an array of resources and tools necessary to respond to the complex and evolving academic labour relations environment in Canadian universities.

Our analytical team provides customized data analysis in response to requests from participating institutions and produces up-to-date dashboards and reports.  FBS is supported by Field Representatives, who provide expertise to participating institutions regarding their bargaining and contract administration issues to participants. In addition, FBS offers a comprehensive menu of professional development activities, including webinars, workshops, and its Annual Conference and Provost Summit.

We are very pleased to present the 2023-2028 FBS Strategic Plan, which identifies a set of strategies designed to move the service into the next chapter of its evolution.

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